“Editio” comes from Latin, root of all Romance languages, and means “edition”.


In 2012 working from the premise of excitement and fun, Mermelada Estudio decided to create “Editions”, a project that was born out of their need to express their most artistic concerns. It was a bold way of looking at contemporary luxury design through a collection of sculptural objects in a limited series which were made with care and delicacy using the highest quality materials available.


Seven years later having gained a lot of experience, they decided to go back to the project and to their artistic roots but with a new, more mature approach. “Editiio” poses a dialogue between art, design and crafts.


From the heart of Barcelona, ​​the team gives free rein to all their interests and poetic ideas, combining this with the “savoir faire” of the best Spanish artisans, to create editions with personality that are exquisitely executed.

Crafted & Limited

Production is a fundamental phase of our limited editions. We greatly admire work that is well done and with an attention to detail. This is why we collaborate with the best Spanish artisans and combine ancestral artisan methods with innovative ideas.


Our editions are infused with the exquisiteness of these master artisans and the precision of the small industry with which we work. Thanks to all of the artisans involved, and the use of high-quality materials, our pieces have an excellent finish to them.


The work of Miquel Aparici (Barcelona, ​​1963) is an extraordinary collection of animal sculptures, to which the artist gives life through assemblage techniques. He recycles objects in disuse and uses some beautiful antique pieces. His work is characterized by simplicity, since most of his pieces contain few elements. The end result is one of elegant compositions. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world (New York, Miami, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Freiburg, Madrid, Vienna and Milan, among others).


Miquel Aparici

Mermelada Estudio


Mermelada is an industrial design studio founded by Laura Blasco, Juanmi Júarez and Alex Estévez. The three met in Barcelona after years of training in design schools in Spain, England and Italy, and embarked on a creative journey with the common goal of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Since working together they have collaborated with companies such as Kettal, Rs, Fermob, Kvadrat, Moroso, BD Barcelona or Mexa among others.